Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Convention 2007!!! It doesn't seem like it could really be here yet! But, here we are in the Mile High City having a great time already. After a fantastic flight, getting in 45 minutes early, we checked in to our awesome hotel, The Curtis (I'll post pics later). We quickly walked over to the Convention Center, which is a short block away, and checked in. You can see everything that was in our bags! Can you believe I've already taken over 150 pictures???

We've jut finished mounting our new rubber, and will be headed to the Pajama Stamp-a-rama in about an hour. We've already collected a bunch of swaps (some great ideas ladies!). Our first swaps were done on the plane somewhere over Nebraska.

It'll really hit us tonight at the pajama party where we're making our make-n-takes. That's when the excitement will really be amazing. There are thousands of demos here. It's incredible.

I'll try to keep you updated on what's going one here and post some pictures. Come along for the ride with us!

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