Thursday, July 26, 2007

Day Two

Day Two is in the books! Another great day here in Denver!! Dev and I were in line for General Session at about 7:15. We had a pretty good spot in line. The first picture is the line in front of us. Lots of swapping continued. We were both swapped out before main stage began. When the curtain opened at 8:00 it was a mad house. You've never seen ladies move so quickly so early in the morning! We ended up with GREAT seats... 8th row in the center of the stage on the aisle!!!
The morning started with dry ice on the stage and the singing of the 2007 theme song..."Dream Big". The energy was incredible. Shelli came on stage at the end of the song looking fabulous as ever. She had a great message about dreams and the importance of 'dreaming big'. The morning flew by with some great demonstrations of the new Style Watch lines and punches.

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