Friday, July 27, 2007

Day Three

WOW!! My head is exploding with ideas! Day three was even better than yesterday. To start the morning off Dev and I had our picture taken with Brent Steele, vice president of creative services. He did a great presentation yesterday with the new punches and pretties kit. After a preview of the 2009 incentive trip to Hawaii the male executives came on stage as the Stampin' Up! hula dancers.

The highlight of the morning was Shelli coming on stage to "welcome us into her home" that was on stage. She showed us tons of home decor projects that she uses in her house. She said that she has a buffet table that she changes the vignette design on near monthly basis. The projects were incredible, and some so much easier than they appear. I've included the photos that she shared with us here.

Thanks for checking back in. I hope you're enjoying what we're sharing from Denver!


Michelle said...

Those displays are pretty impressive!

Teri said...

I can't get over how many people are there with you guys! WOW! It looks like you're seeing some pretty amazing things - can't wait to have you teach me what you're learning! woo hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

You are hhaving way too much fun! I wish I were there!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for posting pictures!!! I wish I could have gone this year. Did Shelli demonstrate any of these items? At Regionals she should us how to make a garland and change it for each season or holiday. I was wondering if she said how she made the garland in the Halloween photo (the round lantern looking ones)?